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Medicare Insurance

Getting Started With Us

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT - Call our office 717-208- 6990  and ask for Tracy to schedule an appointment with one of our Insurance Advisors.

  • DETERMINE IF IT'S TIME - Based on your personal set of circumstances, our experienced advisors will be able to determine when you should begin the process.


  • SIGN UP FOR PARTS A & B - We can assist with signing up for Medicare Parts A and/or B at our office - which is necessary in order to purchase a Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.


  • EDUCATE YOU - Your personal appointment will last about an hour. Our advisors will patiently review important things you need to know. We explain available health insurance plans to help match your needs with the benefits you desire at the lowest cost. We help you make an informed decision. Don't worry, we always leave plenty of time to answer any questions. We'll also talk about why some agents don't reveal all of your available options. 


  • SECURING COVERAGE - We will help you apply for the coverage you desire and follow through until your coverage is in place. 


  • YOU CAN RELY ON OUR KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF YEAR-ROUND - Securing coverage is just the beginning. You will be able to rely on our help and advice throughout the years. When our clients have questions, they call us. Did you ever try to reason with a claims department? How about wait on hold forever to find out if a procedure is covered or try to handle a billing issue . ..  and still not end up satisfied!??? Our highly-trained staff is available for you year-round - leaving you free to enjoy life!


  • ANNUAL REVIEWS - Medicare insurance providers may make changes to their Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan benefits. Each year, during the Annual Election Period, our advisors inform clients of any changes to their plan. We research new plans that become available and provide our clients with follow-up meetings to reevaluate and make changes when favorable. 

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