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I want

to work!


is it so difficult

to find information regarding

Medicare and

Working Past Age 65?


I wish I didn't have to work!

Do I need to elect Medicare if I'm working? 

Can I be penalized for NOT electing Medicare?

Our Advisors provide the answers you are seeking!

Because what you need to do AND when you need to do it regarding Medicare during this stage in your life is based solely on your personal set of circumstances (and your family)

...There is NO rule book for that! 

Already have insurance through an employer?

It may be easy to ignore Medicare or ask for advice from the HR Department or a friend. BEWARE Medicare is laced with complexity and this could be a very costly mistake. Rather than relying on misinformation or false assumptions…

Employees often regretfully say they wish they would have learned about us sooner!

You have a choice to make!

My Employer's

Group Health




Everyone wants the most comprehensive package of benefits at the lowest out-of-pocket cost for themselves and their spouse.

Contact our Office Today


to speak with an AHIP Certified Medicare Insurance Advisor

We Provide 


You provide us with a copy of your employer plan benefits and costs. We provide you with a side-by-side cost and benefit comparison.


Don't GUESS!

Call Today 717-208-6990

to arrange a FREE consultation!

Allow facts to help you make the right choice!

Do you have a Complex Situation?

Are you covering a younger spouse OR covering children in college?

Our advisors can help and are skilled in this area!

Fiduciaries. . . we work in the best interest of our client

Elect Medicare WHEN your timing is right!

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