I Lost My Health Insurance Coverage. . . 

Are you 65 or over and in jeopardy of losing your employer provided health insurance?


Our AHIP certified Medicare Insurance advisors are held to the highest standard by the federal government and will seamlessly help you transition to Medicare without a gap in coverage. Call our office at 717-208-6990 to arrange an in person meeting, a free phone consultation or video chat.


Your healthcare is too important to make regrettable decisions, so don’t rely on advice from an unqualified agent. Our advisors help you obtain Medicare Parts A and/or B and take as much time as necessary to educate you on your options to help you choose from over 300 plan choices available in our area.


There is no charge to you for our services and you will never pay more for your insurance through utilizing one of our qualified advisors versus purchasing your insurance directly from an insurance carrier. Don’t wait until the last minute. Contact us today!