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New to Medicare

The Federal Government bears no responsibility when individuals incorrectly navigate Medicare by attempting to follow their Medicare & You guidebook. Furthermore, some private insurance companies confuse seniors with misleading self-promotional mailers and infomercials. Even the internet fails to provide the necessary guidance to understand dozens of enrollment periods and make sense of the hundreds of Medicare insurance plan options available to you.  It is no wonder hundreds of frustrated people come to us each year after trying to navigate Medicare alone or after utilizing an unqualified agent.


It takes Industry Experience to navigate Medicare properly. Working with a skilled advisor will help to Avoid life-long penalties and costly mistakes.

 No Cost Medicare Insurance Services 

Our Journey Together

One size does NOT fit all

Matching a Plan with

YOUR Personal Needs

Committed to acting in the best interest of clients
Currently Service over 2,000 clients as of October 2021



  • Doctors and Specialists

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Family History and Risks

  • Preexisting Conditions

  • Upcoming Procedures

  • Budget, Retirement Travel, Fitness Goals

  • Eye care, Dental needs, etc... 

We Seek the greatest bundle of benefits at the lowest cost.

      You will NEVER pay more for the cost of your insurance coverage by working with us.     

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Knowledgeable and Experienced   

Hundreds of new clients each year seek to work with our experienced advisory team. A significant number of individuals experience costly mistakes after initially listening to door-to-door salesman, a part-time agent or even their employer. Our business specializes in advisory services and our Medicare division houses all AHIP certified advisors, held to the highest standard by the Federal Government.

Specializing In: 

  • Original Medicare


  • Medicare Supplements

       (Medigap Plans)

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans




We are independent, representing many of the plans coming your way. Count on us to make sense of the abundance of plans and pricing.

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