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Retirement Planning

A good retirement plan is an essential step toward achieving retirement savings that will be sufficient to last a lifetime and keep pace with the rising cost of living.  After all, government programs such as Social Security may not be enough.  At Landis Financial Advisors, Inc., the retirement planning process begins with an analysis of your available resources such as Social Security, personal savings, pension benefits and employer sponsored retiree benefits.  After reviewing your available resources, we will discuss if you plan to work part time during retirement to supplement your income and take time to review your goals and consider your dreams. Once we gather your current information, we will analyze if your current savings and investment strategy will meet your retirement goal(s) or fall short. If current analysis indicates you need additional funding, we can help determine the amount of additional savings needed to increase the probability of meeting your retirement savings goals. 

Next, we will craft a retirement plan for you to follow. Together, we are successful when your retirement plan ultimately meets or exceeds your expectations.


Our retirement strategies aren't limited to those who start planning early. For those who are close to retirement or already retired, we create and implement a plan to help assess your cash flow needs and determine a sustainable level of income in an effort to avoid outliving your assets.  In addition, we help you understand your retirement distribution options and recommend which assets to begin liquidating first, seeking to minimize the impact of taxes on your retirement income.

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