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I'm Nearing 65. . . What Should I do?

If you’re finding Medicare to be overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated, you are not alone. Your healthcare is too important to make the wrong decisions. Seeking professional help with Medicare decisions is no different than hiring a skilled contractor to manage your building project or seeking out the most qualified surgeon.


Our advisors are AHIP Certified, held to the highest standard by the Federal Government. We take as much time as necessary to educate you. Once we evaluate your personal set of circumstances, we are able to help you choose between 300+ plan choices available in our area.


You may be pleasantly surprised to know there is no charge to you for our services and you will never pay more for your insurance by utilizing one of our qualified advisors versus purchasing your insurance directly from an insurance carrier.


Please call our office at 717-208-6990 to arrange a free in person appointment, phone consultation or video chat.

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