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Landis Financial Advisors’ Educates on Medicare Insurance

Employees attending our educational sessions are nearing retirement and seeking sound advice... When should I elect Medicare? Should I stay on my employer’s group plan? Can I get Medicare if I’m not collecting Social Security? These are just a few of the many questions our advisors answered during our Medicare Insurance Education session on January 23rd.

Our teams of advisor’s provide an interactive, classroom-style setting in our 1907 Carriage House for those nearing 65, individuals retiring soon, and Human Resource Directors & business owners interested in providing our educational services for their employees.

Why set a personal appointment and utilize the services of an advisor? Not only can it help you avoid costly mistakes, our Medicare Insurance services are FREE of charge AND your insurance will cost the same as purchasing it directly from an insurance carrier.

Be sure to contact us early in the process. We access your situation, help you apply for Medicare parts A & B in our office, make sure you understand all your available options, and help you decide on a plan through matching your needs.

What about all that junk arriving in my mailbox? If you’re planning on making an appointment to meet with one of our advisors, YOU DON’T NEED IT! We’re independent and most likely represent many if not all of the insurance carrier that’s sending you materials.

Our next Medicare Educational Event is on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 in our 1907 Carriage House (located directly behind our office at 3008 Columbia Avenue). Please give us a call to confirm. For more information, visit our Home Page -> Upcoming Events tab or call our office at 717-208-6990 and ask for Tracy Landis.

For HR Directors interested in learning more, please contact Tracy Landis at 717-208-6990. Our educational sessions are 100% educational – no sales.

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