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Financial Planning
Holistic Planning

Financial Planning

Our HOLISTIC Financial Planning Approach: Instead of enlisting an investment advisor that only picks the right stocks or manages portfolios, our firm takes a holistic approach to comprehensive financial planning that considers and coordinates all aspects of a client’s financial life. Beyond offering a product or a service, we take time to build deeper relationships by offering advisory services rather than just performing transactions. In other words, we care about our clients as a whole and embrace the big picture.


Our President, Eric Landis & Jillian Snyder (LPL Financial Advisors) provide Carolyn and Bob DeVolder with Holistic Financial Planning

(Carolyn is a Senior Human Resource Representative and Bob is a Process Specialist/Engineer at Y&S Candies)

Developing and implementing a financial plan takes time and effort. Studies have shown that few things are as important to your financial future as meeting with a seasoned advisor to develop

a comprehensive plan.


Our President, Eric Landis has devoted over 30 years helping clients pursue their financial goals. He personally trained his team of advisors, so each client receives quality advice and personal attention. Our team is knowledgeable to handle even the most challenging cases.

Our HOLISTIC Financial Planning Process: We begin with an extensive meeting to discuss your goals and review your existing income, assets, and expenses. Our firm then combines the expertise of our experienced financial and insurance advisors to skillfully craft a plan that coordinates all the individual pieces of your financial life. We periodically review your plan and make changes when necessary to help keep you on track. A critical component to HOLISTIC planning is meticulously navigating life changes. What you may think is an insignificant adjustment to your plan, can have a rippling effect that drastically alters the outcome.

Contact our office today


to begin developing your HOLISTIC plan.

By skillfully orchestrating the various components of each client’s investment, insurance, estate, and tax planning decisions, we aim to reduce costly mistakes and capture benefits many individuals were simply unaware of and would have overlooked...

Striving to help clients:

  • Capture gains they may have unknowingly forfeited

  • Avoid unnecessary tax consequences

  • Increase insurance benefits while seeking to reduce costs

Providing tangible outcomes for both clients and their beneficiaries.

Holistic Planning Wheel.png
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning


Eric Landis meets with long time clients Dave and Connie Dearolf of Manheim to review their retirement plan.

A good retirement plan is an essential step toward achieving retirement savings that will be sufficient to last a lifetime and keep pace with the rising cost of living.  After all, government programs such as Social Security may not be enough.  At Landis Financial Advisors, Inc., the retirement planning process begins with an analysis of your available resources such as Social Security, personal savings, pension benefits and employer sponsored retiree benefits.  After reviewing your available resources, we will discuss if you plan to work part time during retirement to supplement your income and take time to review your goals and consider your dreams. Once we gather your current information, we will analyze if your current savings and investment strategy will meet your retirement goal(s) or fall short. If current analysis indicates you need additional funding, we can help determine the amount of additional savings needed to increase the probability of meeting your retirement savings goals. 

Next, we will craft a retirement plan for you to follow. Together, we are successful when your retirement plan ultimately meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our retirement strategies aren't limited to those who start planning early. For those who are close to retirement or already retired, we create and implement a plan to help assess your cash flow needs and determine a sustainable level of income in an effort to avoid outliving your assets.  In addition, we help you understand your retirement distribution options and recommend which assets to begin liquidating first, seeking to minimize the impact of taxes on your retirement income. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning​

Estate planning is defined as an important tool to help identify and explore the best ways to protect, manage and effectively pass on your wealth during your lifetime and upon death. Estate planning often involves the use of legal documents such as a will, trust(s), power of attorney and a living will. In addition, estate planning will often involve acquiring appropriate insurance, setting up a gift giving program and evaluating strategies designed to reduce and/or eliminate income taxes, state inheritance taxes and federal estate taxes at death. With complex and ever changing tax laws, a trusted financial advisor who is familiar with your current financial status and in tune with your goals and desires can help you make informed decisions both initially and in the future.


Our estate planning process begins with a full evaluation of your current assets to determine how they are titled and their current market value. We will discuss your goals and desires for passing along family wealth to your children, grandchildren, significant loved ones and charitable organizations that are important to you. Next, we examine your estate value and potential estate tax liability in order to present ideas and strategies designed to help you significantly reduce or eliminate the impact taxes will have on your wealth through the use of various transfer techniques including, but not limited to life insurance, trusts and gifting. In addition, we will partner with your attorney or ours to coordinate the drafting of your will, trust(s), power of attorney documents, living will and other necessary legal documents to implement your estate plan.      

The Advisors of Landis Financial Advisors, Inc. are not attorneys. Our Advisors at Landis Financial Advisors, Inc. will help review the documents and recommend a local attorney that specializes in Estate planning. Estate planning can involve a complex web of tax rules and regulations. You should consider the counsel of an experienced estate planning professional before implementing any strategy. LPL Financial does not provide tax or legal advice.

Education Planning

Education Planning​

A good education can pay a lifetime of benefits. However, the challenge of accumulating enough money to pay for higher education has never been greater. As tuition costs continue to increase, college education is one of the biggest financial demands many families will face. To plan for your children’s and grandchildren’s education, we have a wide range of products and services including, but not limited to 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Plans and Uniform Gifts to Minor Accounts/Uniform Transfers to Minor Accounts (UGMA/UTMA). Since every family's needs are unique, we spend a great deal of time evaluating your current financial status and discussing the type of college (i.e. Ivy League, private, state, community, technical, etc.) you would like your child or grandchild to attend. In addition, we project what the cost will be at the time your child graduates from high school, whether it is probable they will qualify for financial assistance and discuss the tax benefits of various plans currently available.


Kyle and Valerie Swift meet with LPL Financial Advisor, Darren Kushto, to implement an investment plan to save for their children’s college education.

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