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Daven Akimori - Medicare Agent - reviews plans with current clients

Local, Family-Owned Company

Choose from over 300 Medicare Insurance Plans!

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  • Cover YOUR doctors, hospitals, and dentists.

  • Obtain your Medications at the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

  • Connect with top-rated Insurance carriers you are familiar with!

Join over 3,000 Medicare clients; utilize our NO-COST services.

Carriage House - Medicare Insurance

Health Insurance options for


Eligible for Medicare

Turning Age 65

Medicare when working

Past Age 65

Medicare self enrollment:

I know the plan I want!

Your Meeting with our AHIP Certified Advisors:

  • Learn how personal and family circumstances correlate with your decision making, learn what to do, what not to do, and proper timing.

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare Supplemental Insurance vs Advantage Plans (we offer both).

  • Learn how our advisors consider your health, prescription drugs and budget to sort, compare, and choose the most suitable plan for you.

  • Receive a computer analysis of the top prescription drug plans that cover your drug list at the lowest cost, at a pharmacy you prefer.

  • From start to finish: our office enrolls in Medicare Parts A/B, Social Security, and we secure your coverage with a top-rated carrier.

  • We provide year-round assistance, answering your questions, finding in-network providers, solving claim issues, reviewing your plan and suggesting new options as your needs change!

Please allow at least an hour meeting time.

Spencer Linton - Medicare Agent - sits with one of our 2600 plus clients

Currently servicing over 3,000 clients (as of November 2023). 

Can I discard all the junk?!? ABSOLUTELY

We guide you through the entire process AT NO COST!

As independent representatives, we are able to offer most of the plans coming your way. Count on us to make sense of the abundance of plan benefits and pricing.

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No One Wants to Make Costly Medicare Mistakes, 
but it Happens Frequently!

We spend most of our lives working for an employer who selects insurance for us. At age 65, we’re expected to pilot a “new”, complex system called “Medicare”. The Federal Government enforces many rules, while private insurance companies bombard your mailbox with tons of self-promotional literature.

Thankfully, you’re not lost on our radar. We are honored to co-pilot your journey...Now buckle up and let’s take this ride together!

Who We Are

  • We are one of the largest writers of Medicare Insurance in Lancaster County based on placing in the top 20 of 450 actively producing Medicare agencies in Pennsylvania since 2017


  • Our advisors are AHIP Certified compliant with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


  • Independent: working in our clients’ best interest by not favoring particular insurance companies nor products


  • We make sense of dozens of enrollment periods and over 300 Medicare Insurance plan options available in your area


  • Open year-round with knowledgeable and responsive advisors ready to answer questions, review plans, and solve claim issues


  • Faith-based, offering products that support your beliefs. Focused on educating and serving our community

Leaders in the Industry

Many people will contact you regarding Medicare, but few are as qualified. Our advisors’ certifications, knowledge, and experience make us leaders in the industry.

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3 Ways We Provide Free Education to Senior Employees:

Daven presents Medicare education

Group Style Education

Call the office for more information!
in our Lancaster office
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