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Early Retirement Options

If you’re under 65 and would like to retire prior to Medicare eligibility, our insurance advisors provide assistance with enrolling in Pennie. Contact us in the planning stage.

FACT: Even high net worth individuals can qualify for subsidies to significantly reduce insurance premiums. Ask to meet with one of our financial advisors who are skilled in holistic retirement planning. We coordinate your insurance and financial decisions so you can keep your hard earned money in your pocket!


NEED Medicare Soon!

If you are signing up for Medicare Parts A & B, are losing employer coverage, retiring, or relocating, you are likely in need of a Medicare plan sooner rather than later.

Correctly navigating the timing to obtain Parts A & B and to successfully enroll in Medicare (avoiding costly mistakes) is not a simple process. Don’t get stressed out by spam calls, junk mail, unqualified agents, and self-studying. Our local business helps thousands of people every year by providing quality advice with ongoing attentiveness. We are knowledgeable about the doctors, hospitals, and networks you utilize. Our advisors thoroughly answer all your questions and follow through with our advice.

FACT: Rather than only representing a few companies, we can work in your best interest by offering MANY major insurance carriers. We help you to secure the greatest set of benefits at the lowest out of pocket cost.

I'm Working Past Age 65

Many working past age 65 are confused about electing any parts of Medicare. There is no universal answer for all and the government charges you a monetary penalty when elections are incorrect. Those working past age 65 have an open window for various health insurance options that must be considered. That is why, in addition to answering your questions, our office helps you to elect your optimal coverage. We help you decide what’s right for you and your family while continuing to work.

We provide a Thorough Benefits Analysis:
Our side-by-side benefits analysis compares your various health insurance options: 1- your employer’s plan 2 - your spouse’s employer’s plan 3 – retiree plans (when available) 4 - Medicare Supplemental plans 5 – Medicare Advantage plans. This process is important because benefits and costs vary greatly!

Our thorough benefits analysis allows you to confidently elect the health insurance option that provides the strongest set of benefits at the lowest out-of-pocket cost even if that means deferring Medicare until a later date.

FACT: Making the wrong choice can lead to costly penalties, increasing the price you pay for insurance coverage during your retirement years. Historically, our benefits analysis has discovered Medicare to be a more favorable option than other coverages around 50% of the time.


Seeking Better Medicare Benefits or Cost

Medicare Supplement (Medigap):
Too many seniors overpay for their Medicare Supplement Plan because they don’t realize they can keep the benefits they love while paying less. Medicare allows the opportunity to apply for a rate reduction year-round. Call us today to help you apply.

Medicare Advantage Plan:
If you don’t have a local, trustworthy Medicare advisor that reviews your plan annually and helps to make adjustments as your health and prescriptions change, you may have an inferior plan. Since advantage plans alter their benefits each year, you most likely don’t have the same benefits as when you initially enrolled. We can help you switch your Medicare Insurance plan any time of year. Call us today.

Original Medicare (Parts A/B) alone puts individuals at risk for paying 20% of their medical bills out of their own pocket. Call us about potential no premium options that avoid this problem.

No Cost Consultation

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